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Why are you using I2P? Which of these words best describe I2P for you? The I2P web interface is ... Did you find / found it easy to install I2P? Which router version are you currently using? What operating system are you using I2P on? Which I2P client do you use? What do you think which eepsite you use the most? What do you think, which eepsite do you use the second most? Do you run an eepsite? Are you using Postman's I2P Mail Service? Do you use I2P Bote? Do you use MuWire? Have you ever been in contact with the I2P community? What words would you use to describe your experience with the community? Were you able to speak to the community in your desired language? Do you think the community is too political? Do you think I2P has achieved its goal of an anonymous and decentralized network? Why do you think I2P has not achieved its goal and what should it do differently so that it is achieved? In which country do you live? What age group are you in? How would you rate your overall I2P experience on a scale from 1 to 10? (1 means good, 10 means bad) Survey participants 33 people took part in the survey